WurliTzer 3/10 Work in Progress

Warragul Theatre Organ Society Inc. (WTOS)


Huge amount of voluntary work at Julien's factory - pipes, regulators, blower rebuild; and
at Wesley of Warragul - Organ Chamber, blower room, swell shutters - opening and grille


Blower unit stripped down

Freshly painted

Electric motor fitted

Guard (painted grey)

Working on Xylophone

Xylophone Beaters (hammers)


Off-note pipe chests

Ready for shipping

Regulator parts - awaiting installation

Wall between chamber and hall

Frame for swell shutters

Swell shutters attached to frame

Shutter action in place (at top right)

Pipe chest; bass pipes in foreground

Reed pipes ready for installing

Mark out opening for grilles

Opening from hall to organ chamber

Laser cut particle board grilles

Fit grilles to opening

 Both grilles in place

Pipes on floor and blower in 'yet to be lined' room

Glimpse of hall from organ chamber

Lining the chamber and blower room