WurliTzer 3/10 The Pipes & More

Warragul Theatre Organ Society Inc. (WTOS)


The Organ Chamber (as at July 2012) with ten ranks of pipes, percussions, etc.

Pipe ranks - Glockenspiel in background

Tibia (wooden pipes)

Top view of Pipe ranks - same ranks as  seen in left-hand photo above

Flute Pipes - part of Flute rank

Chimes - at right, hung from wall 

String Celeste pipes rank in foreground

Swell Shutters - shown closed and partially open - they open from the centre

Swell Shutters fully open

Kinura pipe rank nearest to Swell Shutters

The Toy Counter

Toy Counter at left, mounted on wall above Rank Drivers cupboard

Rank Drivers
(Electronic communication with Console)

Chrysoglott (suspended from ceiling)

Xylophone mounted above Glockenspiel

 Bass Drum and Cymbal above Xylophone

Regulators - control wind pressure

 Wind Ducts

Bourden 16 foot (wooden) pipes

Diapason (left), and Tuba (right) - part of ranks

Wind to pipe ranks - (from left) Vox Humana, Concert Flute, String, Tibia Clausa, Diapason, Trumpet

Underneath the pipe chests - wind and electrical connections