WurliTzer 3/10 Console Arrival

Warragul Theatre Organ Society Inc. (WTOS)


After months of careful craftsmanship by volunteers,
the rebuilt Console made the journey to Wesley of Warragul in January 2008

Delivery, Connecting up, Voicing

Backing in trailer with precious cargo

Norma surveys the console

Remove tie-downs

Unload foot-pedals package

Easy to carry this one inside

Now the big one

Carefully does it

Console is fine through the double doors

Now, swing it around and line it up

It's a tight fit through this doorway!

It's not stuck - yet

On stage and un-wrap

Fit the manuals (keyboards)

Mark and John fasten the manuals

Richard reaches to connect the plugs

Foot-pedals into location

Neville connecting and checking electronic controls at rear of the Console

Drop-down with more circuit boards

The 'Fab Four' - Julian, John, Neville and Neil


Specialist 'Voicers' Stephen Leslie and Kerry Bunn from the USA were engaged to
complete the meticulous task of Final Tonal Regulation for each pipe in the organ

This process requires two people: one to listen critically from the organ console,
and another in the organ chamber to change the volume and tonal characteristics as required

A full week of work, from 9am to 6pm each day!  
Each of the 742 pipes can now combine to 'form an elegant and cohesive ensemble'